Phi Sigma Sigma
Delta Gamma Chapter
San Francisco State

San Francisco State

San Francisco State University

I went Greek because

"I figured that "Going Greek" was a great way to meet new people and make some great college memories. Moving from LA to SF, I had just began to try and find where I belong, and who I was as an individual. I had no idea what to expect besides what I saw in movies, and yet it was so much more. Little did I know that I would find my perfect little family. My chapter has given me so many relationships that I am forever thankful for and couldn't imagine my college experience without." - Ailia

I wanted to make new friends and get involved with organizations. As a commuter, I felt that I wasn't getting the college experience that I wanted. I was involved with organizations in high school and I wanted to continue in college. I'm so grateful I found my home with Phi Sigma Sigma because we are a strong group of women who support each other through everyday life. - Alondra

I wanted lifelong friendships with girls that I knew shared the same values that I did. Phi Sig has not only brought me to those friends, but a sense of community throughout all of Greek Life on campus. It has made my college experience thus far the best that it could truly be. -Paige

The Phi Sig sisterhood is much more than I ever could have expected. Growing up with brothers, I never knew what having a sister was like. Finding my home in Phi Sig with over 100 sisters was the best decision i've made. Everyday Phi Sig teaches me what true sisterhood is about and now, I couldn't imagine college with out it. - Veronica

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